Jul 13 2011

MiscIs this actually…

Irony? I’m serious, everyone elses’ privacy is for sale, how much would the owner of Facebooks’ be worth? I mean come on. That’s a gold mine of data, just for all the people he knows. Advertising people, execs, and then actual useful people as well.

Jul 7 2011

MiscHoly heck

Okay, so I’m working through a few things, and trying to work on my secondary hobby/career as a writer. But that’s a total sidebar of my thoughts, so I just have to keep at it – not unlike getting to the Met, writing is a practice based thing.
One thing I have to work on is adding some meat to these posts. I think my skills have been faintly deteriorated by the 140-character max and/or facebook 2 sentences. Interesting thought, are essay requirements trending toward the shorter and shorter as professorial attention spans shrink?

Jul 6 2011

AvalancheBroncosReading about hockey…

Is hideously easier then writing about it. It’s really odd to think about how this really kind of works, but I know I’m still waiting on the New Jets logo.
I think right now part of it is that there’s really not that much going on. Which is why there’s a second part to this…football. Sure, I can talk about football!
…or not. My inner sports fan is quietly crying.

Jul 6 2011

MiscShameless plug

You know you want to click this link to buy a book from Amazon – It’s for a book called “A Shot in the Dark“, and you want to click and buy because there’s some truly delightful prose, amusements, and a cameo appearance by my favorite state. And also because you got the last one and want to know what happens. Right? RIGHT!?

Jul 1 2011

AvalancheIn the Immortal Words of Socrates…

“…we traded what to get Varlamov?”

Seriously, Greg. Your trades have been sketchy, and there’s an occasional wash-type deal, but what in the hell are you thinking giving up a first-round and a second round pick? In one of what is projected to be a fairly deep draft next season?

I’m a little weirded out by this, to be honest. It honestly smacks of desperation and a mentality that doesn’t seem to allow for much wiggle room. Here’s what I’m wondering – are all these decisions made in a vacuum or something? It just feels flaky.

The rest of the free agency doesn’t seem to have gone that bad, which makes this one for me stand out all the more.

Jun 26 2011

LinuxSo now, Ubuntu 11.04, a brief review.

So I messed around a few months ago, and I decided to upgrade my system. Ubuntu 11.04 was, for me, a serious challenge. The new Unity interface just seems like it was a rushed attempt to do something vastly different – and it succeeded, but not in the way I like.  It’s one of those “Can’t put my finger on it, but papa does not like” scenarios. I think it might be that the menus were reconfigured in a few ways that threw off my expectations, and instead of things being where I wanted them to be, I had to hunt around again. This may be the crux of the issue, as I want to use my computer to do things – I felt like I was on a treasure hunt for the Magical Buried Option. It was overall not pleasant. For now I’m running in classic mode, which’ll work. Although I may have to look at reconfiguring my desktop again later when 11.11 comes out – or I may jump ship entirely. Something to think about in a few months.

Jun 25 2011

AvalancheAvalanche Roundup

So…draft day, and we’re quite cheerfully looking forward, because what we see in the rear view is pretty much a train wreck. It made me sad quite often, especially since the start seemed to be so nice.

We still have no goalie.

Jun 24 2011

Misc*knocks the dust off*

Son of a bitch. I’ve been busy. yes, 2 years without a post busy. I did things, got a degree, and a few other things happened, but I’m back. Hockey does that.

Sep 6 2010

MiscIt’s Labor Day. I’m not laboring.

I am in fact, farking off and doing zilch.

Mistake of the month: working out some new method to try and quit smoking. Yes it’s pretty much a battle. Tried one of the funky E-cig things, and that worked for all of…6 hours. So that’s just a pisser and a half. I’m wondering if I put a link to it with “sucks ass” is worth the effort. I’m pissed because I’m out 40 bucks, but then…it was my own damn fault, at least partially.

Lateraled to a new position at my job, which I can work with. It’s not incoming calls, it’s more incoming emails. I’m okay with that, but it does kinda leave me with a little less time for jering around and doing very little.

Steam for Linux is the new Duke Nukem Forever. I want my games, but I want my Ubuntu more. I’ll spend money on a product that’ll work on my platform. Trust me, all that money from not buying Windows has to go somewhere.

Jul 10 2010

MiscAs close as I may get to famous.

So. First off, go buy “A Devil in the Details“, by one K.A. Stewart. Don’t ask, just do it. Good book.
Now here’s my little moment in the sun.

Yes, I am one among many. But it feels good to have helped someone get a book published, in a little way.