Watching the KHL

You know…I’m watching the ESPN showing the Dynamo Moscow and HC Lev Praha game, and really, the lockout talk  is making me want to go up the wall. I mean, honestly, it felt like I was at the bar with a couple guys – which is good, in that I felt comfortable, and bad in that I couldn’t say “Guys, shaddup and lemme watch game!”

All in all, here’s some of the things I noticed right off:

  • The flags being waved behind the nets. Not just little things either, I’m seeing hu-mangous-big flags being waved, mostly for HC Lev, but I saw at least one Canadian flag there as well, which I thought was awesome.
  • No trapezoid. Well, I guess if they don’t have Marty Brodeur, they don’t need the box.
  • Fewer brutal hits. The funniest part of the broadcast was listening to the announcers talk about how there’s no physicality to the KHL game, and how it’s all skill, and then Zdeno Chara lays someone out. Good call there Melrose.
  • Ads everywhere. I’m thinking this could very well be the NHL in 5 or 10 years. On the one hand, you’ve got tradition. On the other hand, you’ve got people waving money in the faces of executives. Guess which hand wins that fight?
  • So much love for HC Lev’s logo. Dynamo Moscow…not so much. 
  • Whistling instead of boos. At least I think that’s the KHL boo.
  • No TV timeouts.

That said, I’m writing this between periods, so it may get a little funky. 

Breaking out the discussion of the announcers themselves – they do know they’re supposed to be calling the game, right? Start of the third, and they’re giving me a how-to on Twitter. Really? Annnd more lockout talk through the third. I mean, there’s so much better filler – once again, shaddup and call the game. I’ll give them some credit for trying, but overall they really aren’t making me think that hockey is a sport that the 4-letter-network can really handle broadcasting. Which does a terrible disservice to their web-team, those writers are flipping sharp. Damn shame, Barry Melrose and Steve Levy missed a decent game.

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