MiscSpring Break of sorts.

So yes – The insanity of school continues. Sometimes I really wonder what the hell goes through the minds of these people. I don’t know that I could bomb any of these classes if I tried. I mean, honestly, I probably could if I just didn’t do any of the assignments, but sort of that? I seem to be pretty much coasting through with a B average.
Little insight into one of my classes of late. Basically, it was programming for people who’d never touched a computer before. They didn’t use a real programming language, just a fake-code that had all the expected structure, but absolutely no ability to compile or run on a computer.
It was like being handed Duplo blocks to play with because I wasn’t smart enough to not choke on a Lego.
Upcoming, I have a class on LAN setup/creation/maintenance, and Algebra. Algebra’s going to be a fun test of my long-term memory, since the last time I took Algebra was about 2 decades ago.

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