StupidI’ll take “retarded promotions” for 400…

You know…for people like me, hockey is one of the greatest sports in the world. It has to be in order to survive the people who run it. Click on this weapons-grade stupidity, and gaze upon what happens when you let a lawyer from the NBA run the NHL.

Yes, you read that right. You register. For a chance to win the ability to purchase tickets to the Winter Classic. How you get there is entirely up to you. Seriously. This is a goddamn league promotion. They’re apparently so deep into paying the bills for hockey teams in Arizona and Florida, they can’t spring for free tickets to a once-in-a-lifetime deal. Never mind airfare, hotel…seriously?

But wait, THAT’S NOT ALL! Even if you win the chance to purchase tickets, you’re still not guaranteed a ticket. That’s right, first come first served, and if you put in to purchase tickets after they’ve sold out…well, sucks to be you. But I’m sure you’ll feel better after realizing you won the chance to purchase tickets, which puts you…right in line with everyone else.

I want the genius who greenlighted this to explain what the fuck we’re actually getting out of this deal.

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