Sep 13 2011

BroncosWhat year is it?

Seriously, Raiders week this year finished with an impressive thud. I mean seriously, how many sacks and miscues is it going to take for people to realize we need an offensive line. Everyone’s going to watch this film and go “that’s how you beat the broncos this year. Stop their run game and make them air it out, because they can’t pass.” 

Meanwhile, the Tebow screamers have alllllllllllll week to call in to the radio station and cry about how bad Orton was and how everything would just be sunshine and ponies if Timmy Christ was starting. Honestly, this town has been looking for a John Elway replacement for years, and nobody can fill those shoes – for good reason on both counts. Without Elway, there’s years and years of mediocrity in both directions. Sadly, there’s only one Elway, and he’s currently in the front office.

On the up side, I like the way the rookie starters are coming in.