Dec 29 2009

MiscHockey time!

So yes, we’re looking at a few things in Hockey World this week. Sweden
and Slovakia announced their olympic hockey teams, and I have to say
I’m a little surprised – Sweden went with Forsberg on the squad, which
may be a bit of an emotional choice. Admittedly, he’s one of the best
ever when he’s healthy, but the rub is he hasn’t been fully healthy for
years. I think the powers that be are banking on Foppa at 75% and
playing for pride. Admittedly, he’s going to be playing with a metric
ton of talent, which may be enough to get him another medal. Maybe.
They still have to go through Canada and Team USA. I can see Sweden
taking silver.
Meanwhile, Slovakia’s a little odder. I’m not sure what they did, but
the skipped over Marek Svatos for some “I never even heard of these
guys” players from the KHL, no current pro team, and just…what the
hell. Admittedly, Svatty’s not having the best year, but I’m thinking
Team Slovakia made an oops here.

And now I gaze into the crystal ball…
Gold: Canada. Home ice in the worlds’ biggest ice rink is not an easy thing to overcome.
Silver: USA / Sweden – Tough to choose here.
Bronze: Sweden / USA – Still tough.
4th: Russia
5th: Slovakia.

Dec 28 2009

MiscHolidays, survived.

So it’s a bit of a slow day. Linus Torvalds’ birthday, and I’m working on a few other things today. Still, running through a bit of holiday madness. Christmas haul…good. Apparently I have a bit of “Must open NOW” when it comes to the awesome presents.  Awesome Presents were Awesome.

And, to make life even better, I’m going to the football game next Sunday.

Dec 13 2009

MiscLong time, no blog

Wow. It’s officially been a while since I hit this board up with
anything meaningful. A quick check of the sports shows that Denver’s
getting no respect in some places. (Yes, I’m looking at you Muir.)

Meanwhile, Slashdot went over the 100,000 story mark. Not sure how many
of those are dupes, but we’ll let them enjoy the moment.

And…yeah. Shopping. Gods help me, I’m getting ready to shop for the
Unshoppable Wonder Wife. I seriously wonder how I’ve managed it in the