Sep 13 2011

BroncosWhat year is it?

Seriously, Raiders week this year finished with an impressive thud. I mean seriously, how many sacks and miscues is it going to take for people to realize we need an offensive line. Everyone’s going to watch this film and go “that’s how you beat the broncos this year. Stop their run game and make them air it out, because they can’t pass.” 

Meanwhile, the Tebow screamers have alllllllllllll week to call in to the radio station and cry about how bad Orton was and how everything would just be sunshine and ponies if Timmy Christ was starting. Honestly, this town has been looking for a John Elway replacement for years, and nobody can fill those shoes – for good reason on both counts. Without Elway, there’s years and years of mediocrity in both directions. Sadly, there’s only one Elway, and he’s currently in the front office.

On the up side, I like the way the rookie starters are coming in.

Aug 22 2011


So I’m kinda watching a few things from here and there – saw Alfred Williams as a TV broadcaster for the first time. ¬†Insanely fun to listen to him. Also, who the hell is Merril Hoge? I keep seeing his name.

Jul 15 2011

BroncosMiscSlow day

really not much going on at the moment, which is only faintly mindboggling to the universe. Plunking at the google+, seems to be working out.
NFL looks like they might actually have an agreement here soon, which is good – My poor local sports station is about dry right now with the Rockies being in the tank.

Jul 6 2011

AvalancheBroncosReading about hockey…

Is hideously easier then writing about it. It’s really odd to think about how this really kind of works, but I know I’m still waiting on the New Jets logo.
I think right now part of it is that there’s really not that much going on. Which is why there’s a second part to this…football. Sure, I can talk about football!
…or not. My inner sports fan is quietly crying.

Aug 14 2009

BroncosPreseason. Game 1.

Okay, so preseason is back…and the old traditions seem to have stayed, even though the coach is new.

On the up side, it was a one-point loss to the 49ers. And it’s preseason game one. But chucking 3 int’s does nothing for my confidence.

On the extra-up side…who’s going to the Burgundy-and-white-game? ME.

Mar 16 2009

BroncosStupidOpen letter time!

For those of you who don’t follow sports, come back later.

Attention All Ye Broncos Players:
Sit up straight, pay attention. There may be a quiz after I’m talking. Todays’ lecture is going to be about the business of football.
Law I: You can be traded. Simple as that. Nobody is untouchable. Joe Fucking Montana got traded. For two draft picks and a safety. Think about that for a second. If you think you’re untouchable, if you think there’s no way they’ll ever get rid of you, just keep thinking that when you get told your Unique And Special Snowflake ass is playing somewhere else this season.
Law II: Crying To The Press Makes You Look Like A Baby. Again, relatively simple. I know the reporters gotta report something, but you keep your pissy mood in house. The minimum-salary-rookies in the locker room are getting paid $310,000. That’s about 9 times what I make in a year. You fuckers have a gift. Accept it as such, change your goddamn diaper, and talk to the coach privately. And don’t go calling up your buddy in the local newspaper. Don’t text your agent. Keep it between y’all, and then you’ll have something to write about in your memoirs.
Now that I’ve strained your brains enough, I’m going to turn my attention to the coaches.

Attention All Ye Broncos Head Coaches:
I know you’re new, and your new office chair hasn’t quite molded itself to your ass the way you’d like, but let’s a couple things straight here:
Section A: You were hired to be fired. Sorry, but them’s the breaks. I know you want to put your mark on the team. I know you want to make the playoffs and be the King of All Londinium and wear a shiny hat; but that’s not going to happen any time soon. It will happen if you get as much as you can out of your players. That means reassuring them sometimes. That means, that when you have a one-on-one with your spiffy quarterback, that you be honest. You say something like “Yes, we listened to people offer things to trade for your services. They didn’t offer enough, so you’re still here. I’m the coach, I want to bring in a new offensive system. More importantly, I want you to run that system while I overhaul the defense and get us to where we deserve to be.” If you can’t handle saying something like that honestly, Get the fuck out the way, because I will say it, and I’ll probably definitely say it for half what you’re getting paid. Keep this jackassery up, and you’re going to be a bungee coach.
Section B: Crying to the press makes you look like a baby too. See above, except you’re making over 2 million this year. Change your diaper, work with the talent you’ve got, and pull up to the second window. While you’re there, ask for an application; if you can’t hack it in your squishy office, you best fucking find a new line of work that’s more your speed.

Dec 28 2008

BroncosHellllooo infamy.

So for the first time since divisional play in 1954, a team had a 3 game lead with 3 weeks to play…and didn’t win the division.

I give you…the 2008 Broncos. I’m not sure if this is worse than the Lions….well, it might be more disappointing on the level of “Coulda/woulda/shoulda.” Hell, the Lions don’t expect to win, so any win is like the Super bowl. We expect to win. And win well. For this to happen required a complete and total team effort, sustained for 3 weeks. That’s rare.


Dec 28 2008


So now I’m waking up, and realizing that today could be twitchy.

 – Football. Broncos game. 16 weeks and nothing’s settled. Playing today against the Chargers for all the marbles. 6:15 Mountain tonight.
 – Hockey. There appears to be some aftereffects from the game last night; to wit my throat is sore. I can talk, but I’m not singing along with Dr Horrible until tomorrow.

 – Other. There’s an other somewhere in here. I think I need to take a fish census in this place. I’ve totally lost track of how many dalmation fish I’ve got, since the little boogers keep breeding and having more fish.

Dec 21 2008

AvalancheBroncosWays to go nuts

1. Schedule the Broncos game for an hour before the Avalanche game.
2. Make sure I work that day.