Dec 27 2008

AvalancheDetroit game!

Okay, I’m bouncing off the walls here. Taking a half-day off work because, well, I need the time to get all prepped for it.

Body paint? Check.
Jersey? Check
Cough drops? Check.
Flying monkeys? Check.
Lucky hat? Check and check.

Right then. Postgame show brought to you by…uhm…some company.

Dec 21 2008

AvalancheBroncosWays to go nuts

1. Schedule the Broncos game for an hour before the Avalanche game.
2. Make sure I work that day.

Dec 17 2008

AvalancheHellllooooo, Reality.

So yeah. One night after owning the Wings, we get shamed before Man and Bog. Am I the only one who thinks the hockey gods have a very wicked sense of humor? I can’t be the only one who thinks that.

Dec 15 2008

AvalancheIt’s like a dream.

Colorado Avalanche – Recap: Colorado @ Detroit – 12/15/2008

Yes, we just did that. Holy hairy mother of how in the heck.

I’ll be planning the parade route now. Watch this page for further updates.