MiscSo for some amusement

So I get this email from….a guy. Let’s call him Dan. He represents a company…let’s call it domainrecoverysystem.com. His email is chock-full of the obvious, and winds up for a nifty little sales pitch. That they’re going to bring the .com version of my domain name to an auction, where the price for it will be much higher.

Well, that’s just interesting as all get-out. I click the link provided just to see what the going rate is. A hundred bucks. That’d be about 95 more then I’m willing to shell out for it, were I in the market for such a thing. Then I started thinking.

What manner of idiot would register the .com of my domain name and then offer it to me for a hundred bucks, without having any idea of whether or not I would/could pay it? Or if anyone else would want it? Seems kinda risky to me. In order to find out what manner of idiot would do such a thing, I went to the handy internets, and queried for the .com in question.

So now I’m amused. Auctioning something that isn’t theirs at this point? Damned amusing. Damned damned amusing. And so very very 90’s.

Update: Also, junk email from someone who wants me to follow a link and put in a special code for cheap pharmaceutical products. No link. Honestly, it’s like they’re not even trying.

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