MiscStupidThe blindingly obvious, brought to you by CNN

Seriously people – CNN, news right? How on earth is it that people can sit here and think something like this is actually news?

I mean, lets take a look at history. Microsoft has an odd tendency to go good/bad/good/bad with their consumer grade software. Windows 98, good. Followed by Windows ME – an absolute atrocity before the gods of tech themselves, it was very quickly replaced for most folks by Windows 2000, the “professional” version, which was a bit more with it. The followup to that was XP, a fairly respectable operating system, and popular enough that most of the people who call me for help have XP. Then we get to Vista. 5 years for that. And now a year later, they’re putting out the next version.

I think the real barometer of microsofts’ OS popularity is by how fast the next release comes out.
98 – ME: 2 years.
ME- XP: 18 months
XP – Vista: 5 years.
Vista – Win7: ~1 year (public beta available tomorrow).

I’m just going to kick back and watch.

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