MiscScandalous thoughts.

So I was glancing over all the scandals of 08. And I saw the guys involved, and strangely enough, I realized that…their wives were right there most of the time. I think the only one who made his confession to the planet without his wife in tow was John Edwards.

With that in mind, I’m honestly curious as to why the women are there. I mean seriously, it’s bad enough that your husband was catting around. But he has to make a statement, and like, the wives and kids are there for what? Props? Shields to questioning? “Excuse me, Senator Followstheschwantz – oh, never mind. I know you just confessed to unholy acts involving 2 hookers, an iguana, and a midget with a camera, but seeing as how your wife is here, I’m not going to put her through any more psychological torment.”

Also, I’ve noticed (at least in America) a trend for women not to be involved in these scandals. That’s an interesting question I may have to follow up on after some research, but is there some sort of rule or trick or something? and if there is, ladies, someone could make a killing on the self-help circuit. “How to not cheat. Or how to cheat and not get caught.”

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