Misc2009 starts with…

Well, a post. A very quiet and meaningful, uhm…post thing.

I do have to go to work today, which is really the main reason for me to even be conscious right now. I suppose at some point I should have some New Years’ Resolutions that’ll last until next week.

  • Back to School: yes, I need to go back to school to at least get some papers that prove I’m as bright as I think I are.
  • Careerish: see above. Bouncing around from one employer to another is something I’ve gotten myself pretty much out of the habit of doing, but motivating myself in a more forward direction is necessary. The bills have an annoying habit of not paying themselves.
  • Projects: Yes, there’s more then a few projects I have on the line in a coding fashion. But I need to work on them a tad more.
  • Writing: sitting here and pounding out 20 words a day isn’t exactly the greatest thing ever. Not that I’m planning on being a novelist or anything, but a little more substance is a keen thing.

So those are they. I think I’ve set myself up for procrastination, since these particular goals are more longterm. I can work with that.

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