MiscStupidYou believed that?

So…here’s a couple things I really think need to be said.

As some of you may know, I work in a call center, taking calls from folks who need technical support. There are phrases that make me sigh (“I’m computer illiterate”,) phrases that make me growl (“I’m a consultant“,) but no phrase will cause me to reach for the rum faster than these 5 words:
“But my salesman told me…”

Simple truth. Salesmen lie. I’m not sure where people learned otherwise, but they have lied ever since Bu-chitta told Ung-hefit that if he traded 4 shiny rocks for a pretty fruit, he would be a manly scented hunter who would never miss a spear-throw at a mammoth, never suffer the indignity of a ill-timed itch, and the delightful Chestinia would never refuse his advances. (Ung-hefit was later found mammoth-stomped with a black eye and his hand in an indelicate spot.)

The sad thing is that people keep believing it. They refuse to research, and cheerfully listen to the well-dressed man tell them that my employers’ network never breaks, the hardware doubles as an aesthetic planter, and that if they ever have a problem, handsome and strongjawed technical support representatives will arrive in 30 seconds, riding their unicorns on a wave of magic pixie farts.

Seriously people. If your salesman tells you the sky is blue, check. If the words “better”, “faster”, or “cheaper” escape their pestilent lips, call someone else to make sure. And then call someone else.

Oh, and never tell the tech support reps what your salesmen said. We mute the phone and laugh at you.

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