MiscStupidA foray into political speech.

I don’t do this aort of thing, because…well, my opinions are generally my own. But then once in awhile, I feel the need to break out the soapbox.

At this risk of being impolitic…who the fuck does this ass think he
is? As a guy who grew up in a small town and then made it to a bigger
town (but hasn’t made it big), I feel I must retort and say “Sarah Palin is not my people.” Anyone who proclaims small towns to be “Real America” as opposed to some amorphous Fake America just because we have buildings with more than 25 stories is ignorant, blind, and a little pandering drip.

Maybe I don’t have a rosy view of small-towns. Okay, I don’t. Small towns, big cities, they all have their down sides. There’s crime, there’s hatred, there’s nasty things anywhere if you care to look. And it doesn’t really matter if you pepper your speech with “Golly gee willikers” or “OMGWTFBBQ”, bullshit is still bullshit.

My values are not something you can categorize as “small-town” or “Big city”. My values are human values. That you should work hard, that you should be honest, and that you should work to better yourself, and work to leave a better world for those who come after.

Apologists like this should take a long hard look at America. Not just the parts that support their viewpoint.

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