KHL on ESPN #2 Dynamo Moscow vs. Amur Khabarovsk

Well, it looks like Dynamo Moscow is a featured team for us here in the States, kinda like how the Penguins get crammed down my throat every year. Amur

Observation 1: Dynamo seems to have more than a few fans dressed as empty seats tonight – probably because of the Saturday night game . That said, the atmosphere still seems a little upbeat. I think it’s the flags.

Observation 2: Memo to Barry Melrose and Steve Levy – THIS IS HOW YOU CALL A HOCKEY GAME. In all seriousness, if I wanted to hear a couple guys talk about anything but the hockey game while I’m watching a hockey game, I’d go to the sports bar.

Observation 3: No TV timeouts makes ESPN cry. Also, why on earth are they putting in the ESPN Trivia to fill space during the commercial breaks and between periods? Is there some law against actually cutting the breaks out on replay and just showing the whole thing without any breaks?

Observation 4: NHL’s Eastern Conference can quit whining about their west coast roadtrips…now. When Amur has to go 7 time zones west pretty much constantly, I’m sure the boys in the NHL can handle a quick jaunt to LA now and again.

Observation 5: Still don’t like Dynamo’s logo, especially compared to Amur. Don’t ask me why, but there’s something kinda stylish about a coat of arms type logo. Maybe if Winnepeg ever gets their act together they could rock something like that. Their current logo is just kinda off somehow.

Observation 6: More whistling on an Amur power play. Dynamo up 3-1, but they got their cushion back. More American stadium rock music. Awesome/funny to hear stadium music in Moscow that I’d think was coming out of The Can here in Denver.

Dynamo up 4-1. Any bets on whether or not the Amur starting goalie gets a ballcap and a great seat for the third?

“Don Cherry, a well known hockey commentator…” This is a phrase that really tells me just how much the average ESPN watcher knows about hockey. When you have to say what Don Cherry is known for? Your audience is the casual-to-cluesless-about-hockey.

Random string of consciousness things – I think ESPN hates hockey fans. This stream is very iffy for me insofar as quality, and I have a decent rig here. And I’m really not doing much else here, no other streams or anything else hogging bandwidth. Just as a test, I paused it and went to check another thing on replay…and it’s definitely better. Sigh.

So for some actual quality, check out Matty Duchene’s absolutely sick spinorama pass for a goal.

So that said, I think I’m done watching ESPN for a day or 2. Maybe I’ll rock something a little better for the next game.


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