LinuxSo now, Ubuntu 11.04, a brief review.

So I messed around a few months ago, and I decided to upgrade my system. Ubuntu 11.04 was, for me, a serious challenge. The new Unity interface just seems like it was a rushed attempt to do something vastly different – and it succeeded, but not in the way I like.  It’s one of those “Can’t put my finger on it, but papa does not like” scenarios. I think it might be that the menus were reconfigured in a few ways that threw off my expectations, and instead of things being where I wanted them to be, I had to hunt around again. This may be the crux of the issue, as I want to use my computer to do things – I felt like I was on a treasure hunt for the Magical Buried Option. It was overall not pleasant. For now I’m running in classic mode, which’ll work. Although I may have to look at reconfiguring my desktop again later when 11.11 comes out – or I may jump ship entirely. Something to think about in a few months.

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