MiscAmusements of the job.

– Tech support acronym, translation: “Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair”

So yes. I work technical support. For the uninitiated, it is a land fraught with danger, lost data, and strangely shaped boy/men with Mountain Dew and a serious, unyielding need for a date.

With a female.
A human female.

But for those of us who are actually in the industry, it’s a bit more. From our side, it’s a land where the ungrateful come to request the impossible from the unwilling. We become antisocial because we see humanity at it’s most screamingly mindbogglingly braindead, and really have to wonder how these people survived to adulthood.

This would be rant #4.851×10^41 about nontechs by techs. Rumor has it this documentary footage was rant number 1 million.

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