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On the positive side, Gene Roddenberry probably isn’t spinning too fast in his grave. Of course, since Brannon Braga He Who Shall Not Be Named tried turning Star Trek into a steaming pile of whiny fail…

It was overall good. They found some good actors who were able to slip into the roles carved out by the originals, and it was quite a bit better then the previously reviewed Terminator. Still, a few plot holes of medium size annoy and rankle.

Semi-spoilers below.

The iBridge does not extend to engineering.

Now…question – why the hell do you arm a mining ship with enough shit to take out 47 Klingon warbirds and 8 federation ships? Seriously, that is a ton of firepower for people whos’ job consists of digging rocks.

Also, if you’ve got 50 gallons of something big enough to create a black hole with a large droplet? It needs a name a little more badass that “The Red Matter”.

Oh, and why the need to dig a hole? Seriously, add another tenth of a gram to your mix, shoot it out, and watch from another 100 miles or so away.

Spock has serious mommy issues. And why is it that one of the people tasked with preserving Vulcan culture and history is a human, when being a half-breed human-vulcan is something that starts fights in Vulcan school, and is noted as a “Disadvantage” when applying to the Vulcan Science Academy?

They really should let me read these things over.

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