MiscTerminator: Salavation

Wait, he sees movies?

Yes, yes I do.

What I expected – Explosions. A new type of Terminator. Plot holes you can roll Air Force One through. Really that’s about I came in expecting, and I really didn’t get disappointed on that particular front. Overall, it wasn’t too bad, and there were a few potential questions answered. Oh, and of course, the open-ended conclusion for a new terminator movie. The circle keeps coming closer and closer to completion, and damned if Hollywood isn’t going to try and get every last bit of mileage it can out of it. Interesting questions were raised in the back of my head, but those are due to key specific plot points. It’s a damn shame, really because there’s a lot of potential for good things there. But they keep missing it.

Damned if them explosions weren’t pretty though.

Spoilers below the cut.

Snape kills Dumbledorf.

Oop. Wrong spoiler.

So, new kind of terminator. Check. There’s actually a couple of new types for different terrain, which I’m rather curious about – why the hell make multiple different types? Combined land/air terminator, and then a submersible-version. Unless Skynet was simply advancing already-created prototypes.

The Required-by law bits:
“Come with me if you want to live.” – Check!
“I’ll be back.” – Check!
John Connor on a motorcycle – Check!
Chase scene involving huge vehicles – Doublecheck!
Terminator sacrifices himself so that John Connor can live – Awwwww. And check.

Apparently being able to drive is not a prerequisite for doing a bootlegger reverse and not flipping the vehicle.

Not only has Skynet never been capable of creating a terminator with a self-destruct, the world high command only has a limited sense of selfpreservation ~and~ has never heard of a suckerpunch. I propose that the only reason this future war drags on for so long is that neither side really wants to win, and so keeps handing the enemy golden opportunities. Seriously, nobody thought the secret carrier wave could be used as a homing beacon? Skynet has frickin’ missiles and ICBMs’ handy.

What the hell were the holding pens about? Bad plot points make baby jesus cry.

Michael Ironside reprises his role as “Hardass who dies in the run-up to the finale” quite well.

CGI Arnold Schwarzenegger displays emotional range that the Governator can’t.

All in all, not a steaming pile of suck, but not quite awesome.

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