MiscWow. Long time since an update.

But I have an excuse, really.

I’m trying to quit smoking. Shush. It’s a pain in the ass. Or the jaw, take your pick. I’m nearly constantly chewing on something. The depressing thing I’ve noted is that it’s about as expensive to quit smoking as it is to keep smoking. Patches, gum…just without that whole 40 types of cancer and/or lung disease part.

Meanwhile, a brief update to the previously aforementioned whinefest of football. Enjoy Chicago, Cutler. The “winner” in this particular dickwaving contest appears to be the coach. However, he really doesn’t have any more excuses. He’s going to have a QB he wants, the system he wants, and he’s got until August to poop a defense. Expectations just went through the roof.

We speak not of the Avalanche season, except to say “Now we know what the bottom looks like”. Bastards.

Lastly, working on a website for a friend. I’m not going to reveal any details, save that it’ll be in the links later on when it’s up to the rigid quality standards you’ve come to expect.

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