MiscUnderappreciated in my time.

So the boy wanted to get the PS3 online. That’s not exactly a technical challenge, but hey. I needed an excuse to go digging.

So I go into my cable bin. Yes, I have a bin with a collection of cables. Phone cord, co-ax, AV cables, and other miscellaneous items. So I check, start pulling cables out of the bin. Nada. At this point, a 3 foot radius around me has the appearance of a radio shack explosion. The Boy comes into the room, takes one look, and says “I don’t know you…”

He’ll thank me when I save the world using co-ax and AV cables twisted around a 50-foot phone cord.

Also – to the consultant whos’ client called me today? I hope like hell you didn’t charge them for the two hours you spent looking at their network like a monkey trying to fuck a football before leaving and telling them to call me on your way out. I fixed their problem in 4 minutes.

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