MiscThere are days, and then there’s bad days.

So today, it’s my day off. I’m all content, thinking “Clean the fishtank, little housework, and we’re set.” Easy day, right?

Wrong. I couldn’t have been more wrong if I were the king of all Wrongovia and wearing a shiny hat to prove it.

So I run to the pet store. Tank 1 needs lighting. I get the one I think is the right size, and then haul ass to another store where I can get some other fish tank cleaning and treat supplies I needed.

Hop in the car to go home. Car doesn’t want to start. Hop out, try it again. Still no thrill. Finally I gave up and called Wonderwife for a jump-start. Jumpstart doesn’t work. So finally, I get out and stared at it. (Little known fact. Men can pretty much fix anything mechanical if they stare at it long enough.)

During the last crank it over episode, I’m told to stop, as there’s some smoke coming out of the engine. Knowing that the magic smoke that makes the car go comes out of the tailpipe and not the engine compartment, I dutifully stop. And yes, there’s wisps of smoke coming out where there ought not to be. More staring.

Finally, tow truck gets there, and they haul it off. Hour later, I get the estimate. $380. They don’t take Monopoly money.In the meantime, I’ve got a fishtank that needs cleaning. I got a new hood. It was too big. But workable. Fast-forward, and the pipes under the sink decide they’ve had quite enough and don’t want to do their job anymore. Water starts backing up, and the sinks are kind enough to do their job.

So after 30 minutes of draining and gagging on fumes from water that was stagnant in the Bronze Age, I finally get everything drained and doing what it’s supposed to do. I’m not fixing another goddamn thing this weekend.

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