MiscBSG and weirdness.

For those of you following along at home, here’s the thoughts. If you haven’t seen it, here there be spoilers. Deal.
Cavill is seriously disturbed. It’s interesting how he can remove some subroutines, but not others. It’s like he gets a kick out of being the leader and making others suffer, but he plays the victim card as the excuse for his own failings. It’s also kind of interesting that the Cylons don’t know enough about their own resurrection technology to be able to rebuild in the event of hub-fall-down-go-boom.

Ellen has achieved a third dimension. In some ways it’s kinda creepy. Lee may actually be forced to have a spine in an occasion that doesn’t require him to shoot. This could be a good thing.

Tyrol kicks so much ass. I mean, he’s working on saving a 70-year-old battlestar that was being turned into a museum. And damn he’s doing a job.

And they still haven’t figured out the deal behind “that frakkin’ song.” To be honest, neither have I. Anders has until Friday to wake his ass up.

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