Sep 6 2010

MiscIt’s Labor Day. I’m not laboring.

I am in fact, farking off and doing zilch.

Mistake of the month: working out some new method to try and quit smoking. Yes it’s pretty much a battle. Tried one of the funky E-cig things, and that worked for all of…6 hours. So that’s just a pisser and a half. I’m wondering if I put a link to it with “sucks ass” is worth the effort. I’m pissed because I’m out 40 bucks, but then…it was my own damn fault, at least partially.

Lateraled to a new position at my job, which I can work with. It’s not incoming calls, it’s more incoming emails. I’m okay with that, but it does kinda leave me with a little less time for jering around and doing very little.

Steam for Linux is the new Duke Nukem Forever. I want my games, but I want my Ubuntu more. I’ll spend money on a product that’ll work on my platform. Trust me, all that money from not buying Windows has to go somewhere.