Mar 26 2009

MiscToday, the weatherman drinks because he got it right.

Yeah. We’re around 3 inches and counting here at casa de loco. Wonderwife said it was damn near a whiteout where she’s at, and she wanted me to bag it. Me being me, ehh…not so much. So hopefully I’m not going to be doing anything damned silly.

I’m pretty sure this’ll qualify me for being more then half crazy. Hopefully I’ll also make it home tonight in less than an hour.

Also, a misclick got me a theme update, which blew upĀ  a couple things that I had tweaked. This is my “Unhappy with the ugly” face. At least I have something to do tonight.

Mar 22 2009

LinuxWindowsSunday amusement.

So I’m reading. And Ballmer speaks again about Apple, declaring that the economic downturn is working in favor of Windows.

“Apple gained about one point, but now I think the tide has really turned back the other direction,” Ballmer said, via webcast. “The economy is helpful. Paying an extra $500 for a computer in this environment — same piece of hardware — paying $500 more to get a logo on it? I think that’s a more challenging proposition for the average person than it used to be.”

So. Let’s take this to the next logical step. Your average, straightforward, No-OS PC. About 300 bucks.
Now for comparison:

  • MS Office: $133.
  • Vista home Premium: $109
  • Norton 360: $100 + annual subscription cost

Those are just the applications I would consider “critical for the average user”. So 300 +133 +109 +100 is about 642 total. So now we take that same computer, and look at the prices for some comparison.

  • Ubuntu Linux: 59 cents or $0. (1 cd from a bundle of 25 @14.95. Alternatively, you can get a free CD from the manufacturer if you’re willing to wait about 6-10 weeks)
  • OpenOffice: Comes with Ubuntu.
  • Antivirus/Firewall: Free.

So now we see where we’ve paid 300 for a computer, and an additional 342 to have it working with Windows. We can go back and change the numbers around, scouring the internet for freeware versions of the critical utilities, dropping it down to the point where you’re just paying for Vista. So on the low end of the spectrum, you’re still paying $409 for a $300 computer. When you could…pay $300 for a $300 computer.

500 for an apple logo, 100 for a Windows logo, or 0. I know I need my money more than Ballmer does.

Mar 17 2009

MiscNew thing for the fishtank. The castle AAAAAaaaagh has been found.

And there are pictures.

Mar 16 2009

BroncosStupidOpen letter time!

For those of you who don’t follow sports, come back later.

Attention All Ye Broncos Players:
Sit up straight, pay attention. There may be a quiz after I’m talking. Todays’ lecture is going to be about the business of football.
Law I: You can be traded. Simple as that. Nobody is untouchable. Joe Fucking Montana got traded. For two draft picks and a safety. Think about that for a second. If you think you’re untouchable, if you think there’s no way they’ll ever get rid of you, just keep thinking that when you get told your Unique And Special Snowflake ass is playing somewhere else this season.
Law II: Crying To The Press Makes You Look Like A Baby. Again, relatively simple. I know the reporters gotta report something, but you keep your pissy mood in house. The minimum-salary-rookies in the locker room are getting paid $310,000. That’s about 9 times what I make in a year. You fuckers have a gift. Accept it as such, change your goddamn diaper, and talk to the coach privately. And don’t go calling up your buddy in the local newspaper. Don’t text your agent. Keep it between y’all, and then you’ll have something to write about in your memoirs.
Now that I’ve strained your brains enough, I’m going to turn my attention to the coaches.

Attention All Ye Broncos Head Coaches:
I know you’re new, and your new office chair hasn’t quite molded itself to your ass the way you’d like, but let’s a couple things straight here:
Section A: You were hired to be fired. Sorry, but them’s the breaks. I know you want to put your mark on the team. I know you want to make the playoffs and be the King of All Londinium and wear a shiny hat; but that’s not going to happen any time soon. It will happen if you get as much as you can out of your players. That means reassuring them sometimes. That means, that when you have a one-on-one with your spiffy quarterback, that you be honest. You say something like “Yes, we listened to people offer things to trade for your services. They didn’t offer enough, so you’re still here. I’m the coach, I want to bring in a new offensive system. More importantly, I want you to run that system while I overhaul the defense and get us to where we deserve to be.” If you can’t handle saying something like that honestly, Get the fuck out the way, because I will say it, and I’ll probably definitely say it for half what you’re getting paid. Keep this jackassery up, and you’re going to be a bungee coach.
Section B: Crying to the press makes you look like a baby too. See above, except you’re making over 2 million this year. Change your diaper, work with the talent you’ve got, and pull up to the second window. While you’re there, ask for an application; if you can’t hack it in your squishy office, you best fucking find a new line of work that’s more your speed.

Mar 13 2009

MiscI just realized what I forgot.

New fishtank, 25 gallon. Now sitting next to me, and I have totally forgotten to post any pictures or do anything awesome to celebrate. So now…pictures.

So with that, there’s a chance I’ll be getting rid of the tiny-tank, right? Oh you crazy crazy kids. Nope. The tiny one is going to become the holding tank for when I’m cleaning out the other two. And I should now be able to get that whole process done faster. Life is indeed good.

Now that I’ve said that on Friday the 13th, there’s no way anything can go right. Stupid Murphys’ law.

Mar 12 2009

MiscIt’s official.

Wonderwife is trying to kill me.

How you ask? Knife, poison in the coffee, peanut butter and salmonella sandwich?

Nope. Softball. I mentioned that there’s a softball team thing forming, and she mentioned she thought it might be a good idea for me. Fresh air, exercise, getting away from the computer for a few hours…

It’s like she doesn’t know who she married sometimes. Sports are for watching. They’re the things that other people do. I’m quite happy to just, y’know. Watch. And kick and scream in agony as someone tries to get cute with the puck yet again, which leads to a turnover and a 2 on 1 the other way and ends up with our goalie getting faked out of his pads on a goal you couldn’t design any better if you had 3 days and a supercomputer.

But I digress.

I may…actually try this thing. Of course, I’m going to have to get a glove. Maybe a bat. And shoes. and a hat. And sunglasses. Cause goddamnit if I’m going to spend an afternoon pretending to be one of the boys of summer, I’m going to look good doing it. And I will, until something happens where I have to be athletic. Then I’ll be faceplanting hard and fast as i trip over one of those…things. Green, sharp…grass. That’s what they call it right?

Mar 7 2009

MiscStupidMy tax dollars at work.


Now I have to giggle a little bit. But then I found a posting about it, and oh my goodness was there badness. Once the site is actually back up, I’m going to have to check out some of the claims made by others. IE only, stating that firefox is insecure, that kinda thing. And then I’ll join the horde of angry pasty nerds who are going to have to educate the state on this travesty, and Why You Don’t Trust Your MS Sales Rep.

In a just world, they’d hire me for web development. At least I have a spellchecker.

Mar 4 2009

MiscColbert Nation vs. Whedonites

So this is interesting and funny. NASA is asking for the publics’ help in naming Node 3 of the ISS. Thus far, the leader is Serenity.I like it. It’s good, and it’ll be spiffy painted on the side.

But a new challenger has arisen. Stephen Colbert. He has asked his most loyal and devoted followers to help name it, naturally, “Colbert” by using the suggest your own name section. And they have responded. Last night the leading suggested name was Xenu. 10 hours later, leading suggestion is Colbert.

The Scientologists are gonna be honked off.

Mar 4 2009

MiscStupidI want a new planet. This one has too much dumb.

Why do people call 911 for shit like this? Not once. Not twice. Three times. I mean it. So I did some checking. Most relevant thing I could find in 5 minutes is the Department of Management Services.

So, public safety announcement. If McDonalds decides that you need to get shanked because they’re out of McNuggets? Don’t call 911. That’s not their point. They’re not a goddamn waitstaff because something’s wrong in your world. They’re there because you need…help.

Although I’m pretty sure this woman does need help.

Mar 2 2009

StupidYou’re kidding me, right?

I know times are a little on the rough side, and companies are trying to target people with disposable income but this has gotten ridiculous. You can’t make this up. I want to, but I can’t. I wonder who decided that the gamer skin was so different from everyone elses’, that we needed our own razor.

Although the cynical side of me says that someone from the Gillette Marketing Department saw how much games cost, and said to themselves “These people are stupid! If they pay this much for a game, they gotta have some coin for a razor…now we just have to sell it in a way they’ll understand…”