Feb 9 2009

LinuxMiscStupidStreaming radio

So I’d checked out a few of the stations I like, and they appear to be switching over to Silverlight. Not available for my operating system though. Which…well, is damned annoying and amusing all at once.

Feb 8 2009

MiscStupidAmusing links

So apparently…people are having some trouble determining what is and isn’t windows.

That was me giggling madly. From across the ocean.

Also, this gem from Amazon: Netbooks and “related items”. (You have to scroll a bit.)

Feb 7 2009

MiscRealizations and thoughts.

So yesterday was not a good day. Day 2 of Stomach Hates me resulted in going home for a long nap. Of course, then I got up and WonderWife, in her kind loving manner uttered these words of solace:

“You look like shit. Go back to bed.”

I love that woman.

Other frightening news – One of the many Heroes, Weird Al, was in a bumper thumper yesterday. Apparently all is well, minor, but of course when I read about it it was a brief moment of “aw crap”.

Also, Battlestar Galactica thought. The civilian government currently consists of the president and Lee. That’s enough to make me have a fictional moment of panic.

Feb 6 2009


So today….no coffee to start my day.


I go with green tea. I’m good. Made it a little too strong, and thus, I get a headache and some nausea.


Working, and working some more – Still haven’t won the lottery.


But the Avalanche won.


Feb 1 2009

MiscSuper bowl?

Broncos ain’t in it, so I’m just a little miffed by that. But I’ve got a friend who’s a Steelers fan, so we’re going to pull for them today. Also, Polamalu has wicked hair to go with the mad skills.

troyThe man seriously needs to be on a Wheaties box or something.