Jan 29 2009

MiscSo for some amusement

So I get this email from….a guy. Let’s call him Dan. He represents a company…let’s call it domainrecoverysystem.com. His email is chock-full of the obvious, and winds up for a nifty little sales pitch. That they’re going to bring the .com version of my domain name to an auction, where the price for it will be much higher.

Well, that’s just interesting as all get-out. I click the link provided just to see what the going rate is. A hundred bucks. That’d be about 95 more then I’m willing to shell out for it, were I in the market for such a thing. Then I started thinking.

What manner of idiot would register the .com of my domain name and then offer it to me for a hundred bucks, without having any idea of whether or not I would/could pay it? Or if anyone else would want it? Seems kinda risky to me. In order to find out what manner of idiot would do such a thing, I went to the handy internets, and queried for the .com in question.

So now I’m amused. Auctioning something that isn’t theirs at this point? Damned amusing. Damned damned amusing. And so very very 90’s.

Update: Also, junk email from someone who wants me to follow a link and put in a special code for cheap pharmaceutical products. No link. Honestly, it’s like they’re not even trying.

Jan 22 2009

MiscRoot and the Dentist

I know I’ve been off and on for a few days, but I have an excuse. It’s called “Prescription Medication”. And as excuses go, it’s a damn fine one. The down side is that keeping a train of thought for longer then 2 minutes is hell. “Gotta put leftovers away, movie time!” *20 minutes into the movie* “Shit, I forgot the leftovers, ooooh shiny thing on the internets!”

So yeah.

Jan 18 2009

MiscSo, finally BSG returns.

And somehow, they fail to disappoint. So as of this writing I’ve only watched it once – on my linux computer at hulu.com. Which may be a nerd hat trick, but that’s a total sidebar. However, for those of you who haven’t seen the episode…here there be spoilers.

The holy shit moment number one (sorta): Starbuck finding herself in the cockpit of a thrashed Viper on Earth. Someone needs to explain that one, and I’m not sure how they’re going to do it without breaking the spacetime continuum.
The holy shit moment number two (for real): Dualla killing herself. It was unbelievably unexpected, and the aftereffects brought a seriously poignant moment from Captain Adama. One other thing that was noted was that she was humming a version of the Final Five “theme song” (All Along the Watchtower) right before she did it. the Xena-cylon I think explained it best toward the end of the episode, unintentionally – “It’s just going to happen again and again…I’m getting off this merry-go-round”.
Holy shit moment number three (The writers don’t know when to stop, do they?): Ellen Tigh as the last of the Five. Seriously, one of the interesting things about this whole thing is that they may have to ressurect Ellen, or that they’re going to hose up a prophecy because they killed her.

Meanwhile, Lee is a seriously wussified rudderless ship. It’s almost a tragedy, and I personally wonder who Lee’s mother was fooling around with, because no son of the Admiral could be that limp of character.

Jan 11 2009

MiscThis weeks’ coolest picture ever.

So this is a picture from the spacecraft Cassini, that’s been “spectrally compressed” – a nice way of saying they made the UV and infrared spectrums visible. there’s also a bigger version, which is even cooler if that’s possible.

Also, if you look at the outer rings up on the left, you’ll see a little blue dot. That’d be Earth.

Jan 11 2009

MiscSo now

I’m coming up with some sort of angry rant about the newest carrier, the USS George HW Bush, and for some reason the cat jumps in my lap.

Angry rant gone, replaced with “Sharp claws OUCH.” Very odd moment. And yep…still faintly contemplating this MySpace thing. I mean, Weird Al’s on it. How can I go wrong? Really.

Now my cat’s following me all over the place. Apparently I have the Warm, or something. Over on my annual to-do list, I’ve got the rollerblading thing, which I can work with. He’s getting a bad habit of trying to ambush my hair, and we need to have a talk about that. He’ll sit on the cat tree, and swat at my hair when I walk by. He needs more toys or something.

Jan 8 2009

MiscStupidThe blindingly obvious, brought to you by CNN

Seriously people – CNN, news right? How on earth is it that people can sit here and think something like this is actually news?

I mean, lets take a look at history. Microsoft has an odd tendency to go good/bad/good/bad with their consumer grade software. Windows 98, good. Followed by Windows ME – an absolute atrocity before the gods of tech themselves, it was very quickly replaced for most folks by Windows 2000, the “professional” version, which was a bit more with it. The followup to that was XP, a fairly respectable operating system, and popular enough that most of the people who call me for help have XP. Then we get to Vista. 5 years for that. And now a year later, they’re putting out the next version.

I think the real barometer of microsofts’ OS popularity is by how fast the next release comes out.
98 – ME: 2 years.
ME- XP: 18 months
XP – Vista: 5 years.
Vista – Win7: ~1 year (public beta available tomorrow).

I’m just going to kick back and watch.

Jan 6 2009

MiscBoy, returned.

So yes, the boy has returned from his visit. and it took all of 20 minutes before he was at the computer playing Unreal Tournament (2004).

*wipes patriarchal tear* I’ve taught him well. Meanwhile, Loquacious Me (look to the right) couldn’t get her email from the server. Reboot the router, and all is well. I think her router’s possessed by some manner of deux ex machina, but I wouldn’t presume to tell her that. The only cure for such a thing is to kill it with fire and get a new one that’s not gremlin-ized.

Jan 3 2009

MiscScandalous thoughts.

So I was glancing over all the scandals of 08. And I saw the guys involved, and strangely enough, I realized that…their wives were right there most of the time. I think the only one who made his confession to the planet without his wife in tow was John Edwards.

With that in mind, I’m honestly curious as to why the women are there. I mean seriously, it’s bad enough that your husband was catting around. But he has to make a statement, and like, the wives and kids are there for what? Props? Shields to questioning? “Excuse me, Senator Followstheschwantz – oh, never mind. I know you just confessed to unholy acts involving 2 hookers, an iguana, and a midget with a camera, but seeing as how your wife is here, I’m not going to put her through any more psychological torment.”

Also, I’ve noticed (at least in America) a trend for women not to be involved in these scandals. That’s an interesting question I may have to follow up on after some research, but is there some sort of rule or trick or something? and if there is, ladies, someone could make a killing on the self-help circuit. “How to not cheat. Or how to cheat and not get caught.”

Jan 2 2009

Misc2009 starts with…

Well, a post. A very quiet and meaningful, uhm…post thing.

I do have to go to work today, which is really the main reason for me to even be conscious right now. I suppose at some point I should have some New Years’ Resolutions that’ll last until next week.

  • Back to School: yes, I need to go back to school to at least get some papers that prove I’m as bright as I think I are.
  • Careerish: see above. Bouncing around from one employer to another is something I’ve gotten myself pretty much out of the habit of doing, but motivating myself in a more forward direction is necessary. The bills have an annoying habit of not paying themselves.
  • Projects: Yes, there’s more then a few projects I have on the line in a coding fashion. But I need to work on them a tad more.
  • Writing: sitting here and pounding out 20 words a day isn’t exactly the greatest thing ever. Not that I’m planning on being a novelist or anything, but a little more substance is a keen thing.

So those are they. I think I’ve set myself up for procrastination, since these particular goals are more longterm. I can work with that.