Dec 22 2008

MiscAmusements of the job.

– Tech support acronym, translation: “Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair”

So yes. I work technical support. For the uninitiated, it is a land fraught with danger, lost data, and strangely shaped boy/men with Mountain Dew and a serious, unyielding need for a date.

With a female.
A human female.

But for those of us who are actually in the industry, it’s a bit more. From our side, it’s a land where the ungrateful come to request the impossible from the unwilling. We become antisocial because we see humanity at it’s most screamingly mindbogglingly braindead, and really have to wonder how these people survived to adulthood.

This would be rant #4.851×10^41 about nontechs by techs. Rumor has it this documentary footage was rant number 1 million.

Dec 22 2008


Seriously, it’s Monday.

And Childs’ Play has passed the million dollar mark. Seriously, that’s just unholy cool for a thing that got started based on someones’ rant about how video games make for violent and bad citizens.

From that cheerful note, we see now a third Underworld movie. Based on the preview, it’s going to be yet another profitable exercise for Sony, and yet another reason for White Wolf to cry in their beer.

Okay, I’ve hit my 3-link limit. I’m off to work, where I’m sure there’ll be some more tales of woe and infamy.

Dec 21 2008

AvalancheBroncosWays to go nuts

1. Schedule the Broncos game for an hour before the Avalanche game.
2. Make sure I work that day.

Dec 19 2008


Majel Barrett-Rodenberry passed away.

Seriously, I’ve used her voice a time or two for commands on my computer was just so cool. She actually just finished her voiceover work for the latest star trek movie.

Majel, say hi to Gene.

Dec 18 2008

MiscDark amusement.

So I’m reading today about Exxons’ 6 million dollar fine for violating an agreement to reduce pollution in a couple places. I thought that was a hefty chunk of change, until I did some digging. Exxon posted a quarterly profit of 14.8 billion for the third quarter of this year.

Crunching number, and the fine comes out to be…about .4% Yep. Four tenths of a percent. Seriously, someone needs to get on the stick about this one.

More random thoughts – that 14 billion? is what the automakers are asking Congress for. Why can’t the oil companies just buy Detroit?

Dec 17 2008


So now that I’ve got the WordPress thing working, I’m doing some more things to customize and futz with this thing a bit. Somewhere in here there’s a few things I haven’t yet discovered.

Meanwhile, the CAN-SPAM act turns 5. Yes, this miraculous piece of legislative genius was supposed to curb the flood of unwanted ads for…anything and everything, along with bringing world peace, making sure children grew up smart, strong, and good-looking…

Reality came by and said…not so much

Ah well. Now I have to go evict a cat from the kitchen and bake cookies. There’s a certain oddness to it. I’m not sure it’s normal for someone to bake christmas cookies and update WordPress plugins to the gentle melodies of Seraphim Shock.

Dec 17 2008

AvalancheHellllooooo, Reality.

So yeah. One night after owning the Wings, we get shamed before Man and Bog. Am I the only one who thinks the hockey gods have a very wicked sense of humor? I can’t be the only one who thinks that.

Dec 15 2008

AvalancheIt’s like a dream.

Colorado Avalanche – Recap: Colorado @ Detroit – 12/15/2008

Yes, we just did that. Holy hairy mother of how in the heck.

I’ll be planning the parade route now. Watch this page for further updates.

Dec 15 2008

MiscStupidSo now there’s more testing.

Because I have a little firefox plugin, and I’m working on a few other projects at the same time. Though right now I’m just poking around with WordPress, this seems to be fairly useful.

Although I’m thinking this whole “Monetize” section can kiss the fattest part of my ass.

Meanwhile, interesting things. Yet another Crow movie coming out. Looking this article over, I’m thinking mathematically:
(Blair Witch + Eric Draven) x Director of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen = Direct-to-DVD Crapola.

Hey, quick formatting. Mongo like.

Dec 15 2008

UncategorizedHello world!

So yeaup. We’re moving to wordpress here. And since I’m an utter slacker, I’m throwing all the old stuff into an archive folder. And there’ll be some updating later as I see fit. For now…this is a nifty start.