Jun 15 2009

MiscStupid bloggers’ block.

For some reason, I’m suffering from a strange lack of “Hit f8 and type”.
Very odd.
I know, I’m working on it. I really am.

I think a bit of it has to do with…*drumroll please*

Going back to school. Yes, as of next Monday, I’m going back to the educational systems’ tender mercies. AA in IT/Networking. I’ll manage to slug through this somehow.

May 26 2009

MiscStar Trek

On the positive side, Gene Roddenberry probably isn’t spinning too fast in his grave. Of course, since Brannon Braga He Who Shall Not Be Named tried turning Star Trek into a steaming pile of whiny fail…

It was overall good. They found some good actors who were able to slip into the roles carved out by the originals, and it was quite a bit better then the previously reviewed Terminator. Still, a few plot holes of medium size annoy and rankle.

Semi-spoilers below.

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May 23 2009

MiscTerminator: Salavation

Wait, he sees movies?

Yes, yes I do.

What I expected – Explosions. A new type of Terminator. Plot holes you can roll Air Force One through. Really that’s about I came in expecting, and I really didn’t get disappointed on that particular front. Overall, it wasn’t too bad, and there were a few potential questions answered. Oh, and of course, the open-ended conclusion for a new terminator movie. The circle keeps coming closer and closer to completion, and damned if Hollywood isn’t going to try and get every last bit of mileage it can out of it. Interesting questions were raised in the back of my head, but those are due to key specific plot points. It’s a damn shame, really because there’s a lot of potential for good things there. But they keep missing it.

Damned if them explosions weren’t pretty though.

Spoilers below the cut.
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May 19 2009

MiscMore new for the other fishtank.

columnsYes, it’s a greek column ruin thing.

What, I have two fishtanks. Don’t judge me! I AM AS MY CREATOR MADE ME!

Wit and sarcasm aside, I feel good and bad about it. Good because it kinda gives a whole up-down feel to the tank and the fish are thoroughly enjoying the new thing. Bad because with that and the plants and the shells on the bottom, it’s almost becoming too busy as a full structure. I think I may have to rearrange or something in here.

May 18 2009

MiscStupid bloggers’ block.

For some reason, I’m suffering from a strange lack of “Hit f8 and type”.

Very odd.

I know, I’m working on it. I really am.

May 15 2009

MiscWhy I’m not a hockey prognosticator.

So, playoffs are here, conference semis are on. 8 teams. 4 series.

I pick and go 0-4. Seriously. I coulda gotten beat by a monkey spinning a wheel.

I did.

Yeah, so the idea of me being Darren Pangs’ understudy is going to need a little work.

Apr 23 2009

MiscLook ma, posts!

So I finally got a 3-day weekend. Unfoprtunately, to do it, I had to basically jack up a tooth. It actually had settled down by the time I got to the dentist, but I would like to state for the record that I have some darn good medication.

The down side of this is that I am officially punchy. The not-smoking thing is coming along, still. I feel good about it, but still when I’m stressed, the “I need to inhale and feel better” desire is there in a fairly strong manner. I’m still only a couple weeks into this. I do however, feel confident about it. Like this time I really can walk away from the smokes.

Apr 12 2009

MiscSo I finally….

arsed myself to get the titlebar back there where it oughta be. And while I was at it, a redo of sorts was in order. I muched around and finally came out with this mess here.

I’m not sure, but I think the color sort of draws. I think that might be a nice way of rationalizing the fact that it’s just short of tragic as far as the overall theme and flow of the site go.

Apr 8 2009

MiscNot smoking, day…several.

There’s a lot of things I’m popping into my body right now, and there’s one thing I’ve realized. I hate being angry. I keep having to walk away from things when I just get heinously bitchy.

It’s hell on Wonderwife and the boy, and I really really need to start thinking forward at some point about what to do to make it up or do something for them. I mean, not-smoking is a nice treat, but not-smoking and not having hissyfits would be even better.

More later, as I should be going to bed here soon. The other bad thing is that this has been playing hell with my sleep patterns.

Apr 3 2009

MiscWow. Long time since an update.

But I have an excuse, really.

I’m trying to quit smoking. Shush. It’s a pain in the ass. Or the jaw, take your pick. I’m nearly constantly chewing on something. The depressing thing I’ve noted is that it’s about as expensive to quit smoking as it is to keep smoking. Patches, gum…just without that whole 40 types of cancer and/or lung disease part.

Meanwhile, a brief update to the previously aforementioned whinefest of football. Enjoy Chicago, Cutler. The “winner” in this particular dickwaving contest appears to be the coach. However, he really doesn’t have any more excuses. He’s going to have a QB he wants, the system he wants, and he’s got until August to poop a defense. Expectations just went through the roof.

We speak not of the Avalanche season, except to say “Now we know what the bottom looks like”. Bastards.

Lastly, working on a website for a friend. I’m not going to reveal any details, save that it’ll be in the links later on when it’s up to the rigid quality standards you’ve come to expect.